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金博宝188betHealth Care's Tragedy Of The Commons

There are at least two conversations going on in the 金博宝188bethealth care marketplace today,each focused on one of two key questions.One is: How can we achieve theTriple Aim?The other is: Why dotheyget to do that?(It's not fair!I want more!)

Until we stop asking the second question,we can't answer the first question.Why?Because all too often the answer to the second question is the equivalent of: It's OK,Timmy,I'll buy you TWO lollipops;pick whichever ones you want.

It's thetragedy of the commons,transposed to the 金博宝188bethealth care marketplace.

Recent cases in point:

  • Avastin
  • Tufts 金博宝188betMedical Center – Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts grudge match
  • Mammography and PSA guidelines

1.Avastin.Late last year,Read more »

*This blog post was originally published at金博宝188betHealthBlawg :: David Harlow's Health Care Law Blog*

金博宝188betHealth Care Provider Joint Venture Hopes To Bring Together The Best Of Each Company

Microsoft and GE 金博宝188betHealthcare announced a joint venturelast week (as-yet unnamed),trumpeted as bringing together the best of both companies' offerings in the 金博宝188bethealth care provider market.(More from theNY Times.) Late in the day,I spoke with Brandon Savage,Chief 金博宝188betMedical Offic金博宝188beter at GE Healthcare,and Nate McLemore,General Manager of Microsoft 金博宝188betHealth Solutions Group.They had a great deal to say about the companies' shared vision of the use of platform technology to enable care teams to deliver the right decision at the right time,noting that their core products complement each other rather than overlap.

The centerpiece of the collaboration will be an amalgamation (so to speak) of the two companies' strengths around Amalga (the Microsoft product) and Qualibria (the GE product).Brandon and Nate described the challenges facing these products thus: Qualibria needs to be able to pull in data from multiple sources better (Microsoft can help),and Amalga needs to be able to share best practices across sites better (GE can help).

Put another way (to quote John Moore atChilmark Research),Amalga is "more a toolset than a product." McLemore acknowledged thatRead more »

*This blog post was originally published at金博宝188betHealthBlawg :: David Harlow's Health Care Law Blog*

Getting Everyone Involved In The 金博宝188betHealth Care Discussion

Harvard Pilgrim 金博宝188betHealth Care is re-launchingLet's Talk 金博宝188betHealth Care,which started life as former CEO Charlie Baker's blog.There's a series of related discussions going on now in theLet's Talk 金博宝188betHealth Care Linked In group,sponsored by Harvard Pilgrim.I've been participating (at the request of the group organizer;disclosure: client) and would like to invite you to do the same.

A salient characteristic of the site and of the group is the focus on three broad categories of care and cost: fostering 金博宝188bethealth and wellness,balancing quality and cost,and redefining care coordination — all of which are informed by a focus on chronic 金博宝188bethealth care issues.

One of the great successes of modern medicine is the conquest of most infectious disease.(Equitable global distribution of the tools necessary for eradication is another story — and some of the more compelling chapters of that story are being told these days byThe Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.) One of the great failures of the modern consumer state isRead more »

*This blog post was originally published at金博宝188betHealthBlawg :: David Harlow's Health Care Law Blog*

More Lost Patient Data: How Can We Prevent This From Happening?

TheWall of ShamewelcomesSutter 金博宝188betHealth.Another computer with unencrypted protected 金博宝188bethealth information on over 4 million patients – gone.Now,those guys are pretty smart,so why don't they encrypt all computers with PHI?One oflife's persistent questions.I mean,I can accept the fact that a 金博宝188bethealth plan operator likeCignet 金博宝188betHealthmight have issues with getting a grip on HIPAA compliance,but Sutter 金博宝188betHealth?What were they thinking?Can't happen here?Encryption is a drag?It's an easy way to avoid major egg-on-face and to avoid spending significant coin on PR,credit reporting services,and potentially on court judgments — all in addition to significant administrative fines payable to HHS and state regulators.

So the federales are piloting theHIPAA audit program.I know it's required by the HITECH Act,but who believes that it will motivate behavior change?Anyone?Sutter 金博宝188betHealth was clearly not motivated to seek a safe harborthat would have made the loss of 4 million patient records a non-event.I know encryption can be a drag,but I'm not a techie.If you are,I invite you to educate me (and the other non-techies out there) on the question of how miserable it really is to have to deal with encrypted data;if you'rereallya techie,write a program to enable light-touch encryption that doesn't interfere with use of data.

Whether or not encryption is miserable,we should be asking:Read more »

*This blog post was originally published at金博宝188betHealthBlawg :: David Harlow's Health Care Law Blog*

Doing More With Less: Can We Efficiently Reduce Medicare Spending?

On my way to the annual two-day blowout 金博宝188bethealth law seminar put on by Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) on Monday — I was second in the lineup,speaking about post-acute care and some of the innovations in that arena for dual eligibles,among other things — I heard a fascinating piece on NPR on one of the ideas floating around the supercommittee charged with cutting $1.2 trillion from the federal budget.The idea:increase the minimum age for Medicare eligibility from 65 to 67,and save a bundle for Medicare in the process.

The problem with this deceptively simple idea (Social Security eligibility is migrating from 65 to 67,too,so it seems to be a sensible idea on its face),is that while it would save the federales about $6 billion,net,in 2014,it would cost purchasers of non-Medicare coverage (employers and individuals) about $8 billion,net.Why?The 65 and 66 year olds are the spring chickens of Medicare — they actuallyRead more »

*This blog post was originally published at金博宝188betHealthBlawg :: David Harlow's Health Care Law Blog*

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