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Interview With Ocra 金博宝188betHealth CEO: The Future Of The Company's Interactive Health Apps

Post image for Orca 金博宝188betHealth crafts new level of sophistication in patient education apps,interview with CEO Matt Berry #mHS11

Orca 金博宝188betHealth has had quite a year.Launching their first app in in 2010,他们现在有一个套ten appswith–we are promised–even more on the way.By combining stellar art work,three-dimensional interactive graphics and high-end native programming for the iPad,they have created and may well be en route to cornering the market for perioperative patient education apps.

Recent milestones for the company include winning the startup competition at金博宝188betHealth 2.0 Europe,having two apps,EyeDecide & FootDecide,included in the iTunes App Store'sApps for 金博宝188betHealthcare Professionals.Until recently,Orca 金博宝188betHealth's EyeDecide was ranked as the #1 downloaded free 金博宝188betmedical app on the App Store,and three other other apps (FaceDecide,BreastDecide & ENTDecide) are in the Top 25.To top it off,the iTunes App Store just includedEyeDecideamong the best the iPad / iPhone apps in its App Store Rewind 2011.It is interesting to think about the different places,and there are many,they could go from here.

Orca 金博宝188betHealth was among those selected for theStartUp Mobile 金博宝188betHealth Pavilionat the recent m金博宝188betHealth Summit (check out our fullcoverage),along with about two dozen other great mobile 金博宝188bethealthcare companies.There,I got to meet CEO & founder Matt Berry and publicist whiz Jake Lybbert (follow onTwitter).I talked with Matt about the (short) history and future of Orca 金博宝188betHealth,and his thoughts on the potential for tablets to improve the patient experience.

First,I have to ask – why the name Orca?Read more »

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Company Introduces Platform For Wirelessly Connecting 金博宝188betMedical Devices

Post image for Qualcomm announces major breakthrough for connected 金博宝188betmedical devices #mHS11

One of the major announcements at last week's m金博宝188betHealth Summit was made by Qualcomm who introduced a new platform for wirelessly connecting 金博宝188betmedical devices.The 2net platform abstracts away the details of connecting a sensor to a cloud-based server.

Right now,if a company develops a great  lightweight sensor to measure,say,walking speed,it will also have to engineer a way for that information to be transferred wirelessly,sometimes across a couple of stops,to its eventual destination somewhere on a server.Although these same challenges repeat for every device,each company has to "reinvent the wheel".

Additionally,once it arrives at the company's servers that rich collection of data would still be isolated – in a "data silo".If another company comes along with a terrific heart rate sensor and suggests,"why don't we combine the two data streams and make a useful new app",not only would they have to recreate the entire chain of communication for themselves,the two companies would have to agree to methods for their two servers to talk and share information.

2Net makes almost all of the above problemsRead more »

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Cardiologist Discusses Upcoming m金博宝188betHealth Summit

Post image for Dr.Eric Topol discusses this "extraordinary time" in medicine #mHS11

Dr.Eric Topol

It is hard to easily comprehend the depth and breadth of Dr.Topol's career.He has been a major figure in cardiology,genomics and wireless 金博宝188bethealth while also assuming leadership positions in landmark institutions such as the Cleveland Clinic and the Scripps Institute in La Jolla.

As chairman of cardiology at the Cleveland Clinic,he led the program to become number one for heart care.He was lead investigator on numerous national & worldwide cardiovascular clinical trials and started a 金博宝188betmedical school at the Clinic.He was also among thefirstphysicians nationwide to call attention to the potential cardiac dangers of Vioxx.His very publiccriticismof Merck and the FDA brought to light the intimate but not always visibleconnectionsbetween the pharmaceutical industry and academic medicine.

Later he moved to San Diego,where he currently serves as director of the Scripps Translational Science Institute,Chief Academic Officer for Scripps 金博宝188betHealth and Professor of Translational Genomics.He has been a leading proponent of wireless medicine for more than a decade.He co-founded theWest Wireless 金博宝188betHealth Institutewith Gary and Mary West who contributed the initial $45m gift to start the Institute and have since committed an additional $100m to found a not-for-profitventure fundfor wireless 金博宝188bethealth companies. He currently serves as Vice Chairman of the Institute which isdedicatedto "innovating,validating,and advocating for the use of technologies including wireless 金博宝188betmedical devices to transform medicine." Be sure to check out ourrecent interviewof WWHI chief executive Don Casey.

Dr.Topol is delivering the openingkeynotefor the m金博宝188betHealth Summit on December 5.His newbook"The Creative Destruction of Medicine" is also making its debut at the Summit as an e-book,available to meeting attendees.Read below to hear his thoughts on the m金博宝188betHealth Summit and wireless platforms' potential to improve health & transform the practice of medicine.

Why are you participating in the m金博宝188betHealth Summit?Read more »

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The Myriad Uses Of The iPad In The Operating Room

Post image for Future Uses for the iPad in the Operating Room: a Game Changer ?

As we discussed in thefirstof this two part series,mobile devices are already entering the world of the surgeon.Currently,it is mostly downloadable apps that promise to help surgeons with the informational portions of their tasks,such as tracking the cases they have done,e.g.Surgichartor helping in the consent process,e.g.Surgery Risk

While apps that are dedicated to the technical aspects of surgery,such as the excellentAO Surgery Reference,are becoming available,in the future we will see the iPad (or its brethren) actually in the operating room.Why?Because the iPad has many characteristics that make it a great an advanced surgical instrument.

First is its small size.Every modern operating room has stacks of electronic equipment hanging from the ceiling or in large cabinets for patient monitoring and controlling in-field devices.Since the iPad already supports a bevy of standard wireless communication protocols,many of these large boxes' functions could likely be off-loaded to an iPad with clever engineering.One immediate advantage would be thatRead more »

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FDA Asks For Input From Clinicians About Mobile Apps In Medicine

The publication in July of theFDA Draft Guidanceon mobile 金博宝188betmedical apps was a major milestone in the evolution of mobile medicine.The blazingly rapid growth in interest among physicians,金博宝188betmedical software publishers and device manufacturers has made it clear t金博宝188bethat the mHealth revolution will be a major turning point,not just in 金博宝188bethealth information technology,but likely in many aspects of physician-patient interactions.

Last week (Sep 12-13),the FDA is held an important publicworkshopnear its Washington DC headquarters to help it answer some key questions raised within the Draft Guidance and gather feedback from important stakeholders in mobile 金博宝188bethealth.We are proud that i金博宝188betMedicalApps was invited to participate as one of the panelists.

We want to hear from you i金博宝188betMedicalApps readers – what do you want the FDA to consider in regulating mobile medical apps ?

Please add your voice in the comment section below and we will assemble them for submission to the official FDA docket on the Draft Guidance.Hurry because the deadline is just a few weeks away.

The FDA needs input from clinicians and others interested in mobile medicine and has identified two topics in particular as needing further specification:

  1. How to assess the risks inherent to clinical decision support software and
  2. How to classify mobile software that works in concert with a 金博宝188betmedical device.

FDA WorkshopRead more »

*This blog post was originally published ati金博宝188betMedicalApps*

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