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疫苗简史,预防接种运动,And Modern Quackery

A good case of smallpox may rid the system of more scrofulous,结节状的,梅毒和其他毒物,除非能在一生中消除。Therefore,smallpox is certainly to be preferred to vaccination.一种是消除慢性病,另一个是它的制造。


—Harry Riley Spitler,基础自然疗法:教科书(美国自然疗法协会,Inc.,1948)。引用在这里.


如果你够幸运的话beat the reaper(20%-60%);80% or higher in infants) or blindness (up to 30%),这些水泡会给你留下终身的伤疤。哦,下次天花大流行时,your children born since the last one will catch it and contribute their fair share to the death rate.但不是因为你会免疫,so you'll have the "preferred" experience of watching your children die well before you do.

Variolation and Vaccination

Except that none of this will happen,因为这种疾病已经从世界上根除了,谢谢,当然,接种疫苗,which Napoleon reasonably打电话"the greatest gift to mankind."

“天花”the most terrible of the ministers of death“它开始于至少几千年前,迅速蔓延wherever its human carriers traveled,最终到达整个人口稠密的世界。In endemic regions, it wiped out 1/4 to 1/3 of children in epidemics that occurred every few years. In epidemics among people who had not previously seen it,例如,在欧洲探险的早期,西半球的土著人,他们消灭了多达90%的人。他们消灭了军队和帝国。君主们像苍蝇一样倒下了;它不放过任何社会经济阶层。神是以它的名义被创造出来的。一旦开始治疗,就再也没有有效的治疗方法了。

Prior to the advent of vaccination,there was a heroic method that proved useful in reducing the severity of the disease.This wasinoculation(‘variolation'): crude matter from a pustule of someone with the disease was etched into the skin of an uninfected person.这导致了一些比较懒惰的临床病例,死亡率只有2%左右,but the disease remained terrible and those so infected could still transmit it to others by means other than inoculation.

Vaccination,as many readers already know,是18世纪末由医生在英国介绍的爱德华詹纳.詹纳两人都没有发现,似乎是挤奶女工(及其亲密伙伴)在经历了牛痘blister,他们从来没有感染过天花,他也不是第一个故意使用天花的人,甚至是第一个写天花的人。他是第一个,however,进行和报告一系列令人信服的实验,证明以前感染过牛痘的人不会随后感染天花(通过各种方式)。He also showed that cowpox could be transferred from person to person by inoculation of matter from the cowpox blister,从而提供广泛使用第一种方法。Jenner is thus given credit not only for having introduced vaccination for smallpox,但是,由于引入了疫苗接种的概念,although he would not live to see another example.

The Antivax Movement is Born

反对天花疫苗接种(名字来源于拉丁语中的“牛”)。began almost immediately在詹纳的报告和remained substantialfor more than 100 years.一些反对党显然是信教的;有些是基于对方法的不信任,后来,in the Germ Theory;一些反对者声称疫苗接种导致了可怕的疾病,包括天花本身;some voiced a political objection to state mandated vaccination programs.An early cartoon suggested that if Jenner had his way,人们会开始看起来像牛:


The Holy Trinity of American Quackery

这些是19世纪末20世纪初顺势疗法,脊骨疗法/骨病,and naturopathy.Hahnemann himself had approved of his contemporary Jenner's assertion,believing that it confirmed "like cures like" (ablyrefuted奥利弗·温德尔·福尔摩斯,SR)。君士坦丁·赫林,however,“美国顺势疗法之父”是第一个宣布他的反对接种疫苗.他称之为“总是中毒”,并声称,"we learn from year to year a more certain and better way of curing small-pox homeopathically." He nevertheless admitted in 1883,near the time of his death,这种“更好的方法”并没有通过接种疫苗来实现预防的确定性。

1918,Benedict Lust“美国自然疗法之父”写道:

就像旧时代的炼金术士,他散布着错误的信念,认为他可以把贱金属变成黄金,in like manner the vivisector claims that he can coin the agony of animals into cures for human disease.He insists on cursing animals that he may bless mankind with such curses.

为了了解这些产品是多么令人反感,让我们来谈谈疫苗问题,它应该是一种有效的预防天花的方法。Who would be fool enough to swallow the putrid pus and corruption scraped from the foulest sores of smallpox that has been implanted in the body of a calf?Even if any one would be fool enough to drink so atrocious a substance,its danger might be neutralized by the digestive juices of the intestinal tract.But it is a far greater danger to the organism when inoculated into the blood and tissues direct,where no digestive substances can possibly neutralize its poison.

治疗疾病的自然系统是基于回归自然,调节饮食,呼吸,锻炼,沐浴,and the employment of various forces to eliminate the poisonous products in the system,因此,将患者的活力提高到适当的健康水平。金博宝188bet

Official medicine has in all ages simply attacked the symptoms of the disease without paying any attention to the causes thereof,但是自然愈合更关心的是消除疾病的原因…

In those words we find several of the recurring themes in quackery that were evident in the 19th century and remain so today.We know that naturopaths continued to espouse this view of vaccination at least until 1968,当这篇文章顶部的报价是他们提交给HEW部门的材料中的一部分时,他们试图通过医疗保险覆盖这一部分,但没有成功。从那时起,他们就学会了对这个问题更加微妙,可能是因为1968年的失败,但他们对疫苗接种的厌恶仍然存在,as explained在这里.


我相信你一直在想,so here it is,就在哈利·莱利·斯皮勒笔下,the author of the quotation that began this piece (courtesy of the 1968HEW report):

疾病的主要原因是对非自然环境的反应。..当体内毒素的重量超过生命力所能应付的量时,然后是能量消耗……超级单板,身体排出新陈代谢“灰烬”的能力存在滞后……能量消耗导致所谓疾病的第二个原因——毒血症。Toxemia is the state of auto-intoxication resulting from the accumulation ot poisons in the body – poisons taken in from without in the form of incorrect food,impure water,vitiated air,等。,and which are not thrown off by the body because of its enervated state,and in addition thereto the poisons formed within the body itself by the processes of metabolism...The presence of these poisons within the blood stream and tissues causes the vital force to make efforts to eradicate toxemia,and these efforts are what is called "diseased crises."...疾病,因此,不是被攻击的敌对实体,but is rather a manifestation of vital force in its efforts to continue to live and to remove anti-vital conditions caused by man's deliberate,或无知,违反健康和生活的法则…疾病,金博宝188betthen,是血流和组织中污垢停滞和积聚的结果。

治好了吗?Back to Lust:


1。消除恶习,或者生命的杂草,比如吃得太多,酒精饮料,药物,茶的使用,含有有毒物质的咖啡和可可,肉食,不适当的生活时间,waste of vital forces,lowered vitality,性和社会异常,worry,等。

2。纠正习惯。Correct breathing,正确的练习,正确的心态。追求健康和财富的适度。金博宝188bet

3.新的生活原则。Proper fasting,选择食物,水疗法,光浴和空气浴,泥浴,osteopathy,脊椎按摩疗法,and other forms of mechano-therapy,mineral salts obtained in organic form,电疗,日光病,蒸汽浴或土耳其浴,sitz baths,等。


Natural healing is the most desirable factor in the regeneration of the race.

真的。都是一种法西斯主义的,不?But I'm digressing.


你可能注意到Lust同意脊椎按摩,另一个字段丰富传统of antivax fervor.Some chiropractors学会了更微妙一点;others没有(and并非全部contemporary chiropractors are opposed to vaccinations).If you've perused the 1968 HEW report,你也知道20世纪中叶的美国自然疗法学校大多是由脊椎指压师培育出来的,在一段时间内,自然疗法和"mixer" chiropractors.当时许多“nds”的名字后面也有“dc”。

你可能也知道当代自然学家爱情顺势疗法欲望没有把它包括在他的新生活原则中,可能是因为他强调“无药治疗”。然而,他赞扬哈内曼因为他曾向“他那个时代的医生们……通过如此温和的方式,即使是一个娇弱的孩子也能得到治疗,也能带来同样好的结果,without the slightest particle of danger." It seems to have been left to the next generation of American naturopaths to fully embrace homeopathy,这件事最引人注目的是一个人,他自己体现了贵格派的神圣三位一体:约翰·巴斯蒂尔,N.D.D.C.(1912—1995)“现代自然疗法医学之父”。

Bastyr wasalso describedas a

…第三代顺势疗法。阿道夫·冯·利普。His teacher was Dr.C.P.布莱恩特(曾经,1939,国际哈尼曼协会会长)。C.P.Bryant had been taught by Walter Bushrod James who had been one of Lippe's closest students.他在西北大学德鲁格勒研究所和西雅图大学获得自然疗法和脊骨疗法博士学位。分别。他在1936年获得了自然疗法医学的执照。他也被认为是现代自然疗法医学之父。由于巴斯蒂尔的影响,自然疗法一直处于国内顺势疗法复兴的前沿。他确保顺势疗法与营养同样重要,hydrotherapy and botanical medicine in naturopathic education.博士。巴斯蒂尔认为在他的实践中操纵是最重要的治疗方法。

所以你有了它:三个看似不相容的真正原因的神秘统一(PSORA,半脱位,毒血症)and of three seemingly incompatible True Cures (Similia similibus curentur公司,spinal manipulation,灌肠剂)。难怪脊医约翰·巴斯蒂尔被认为是美国自然疗法和顺势疗法的救世主。


很讽刺的是,认为许多早期反对接种天花疫苗的理由有些道理,远不止是当代人对当代疫苗接种的反对。Material gathered from cowpox blisters,transferred from human to human,was invariably contaminated.Diseases plausibly attributed to such "arm to arm" vaccinations,在生殖理论提前阐明这种风险的时代,包括梅毒,肝炎,and even smallpox itself,由于同一医院或诊所内发生的各种污染。The advent of exclusively animal sources of cowpox didn't occur until the mid-19th century,and "arm to arm" vaccinations weren't outlawed in Britain until 1898.纯病毒疫苗的制备只在20世纪中叶才被引进。

对强制接种疫苗的政治反对在早期也有更大的影响力,when the concept of "herd immunity" hadyet to be introduced.

“这一切以前都发生过,and all this will happen again."

This is froma meeting康涅狄格州顺势疗法医学检查委员会,金博宝188betMarch 12,2003:


The Board reviewed the following procedures for the prevention and treatment of smallpox as submitted by Dr.Mullen:



It is recommended to administer it at a potency of 30 CH twice a day for up to 5 days as a preventive.This remedy is also very useful to combat the ill effects of Allopathic small pox vaccination,以及控制当一个人不愿意被另一个人接种的疫苗感染时发生的疾病。


It is recommended to administer this remedy at potencies of up to 9 CH.我相信一个好的剂量计划是一周一次,持续2到3周。建议每8天给药6次。Also useful in recent and distant ill effects of Allopathic vaccination.


An indication for the use of vaccininum would be a patient's fear of contracting smallpox.


两个DR。艾伦和沃森热情地支持这种预防天花的治疗方法。I would advice to administer it at potencies of 30 CH or 200 CH weekly for 3 or 4 weeks.



建议给药浓度为30 ch。这种治疗方法特别适用于症状较明显的下半身患者。我建议每天连续给药5天,然后重新评估患者。

Mercurius 200 Ch每隔一天交替使用Thuja 200 Ch。



It is recommended to administer this remedy at a potency of 9 CH.我建议连续使用5天,然后重新评估患者。这种治疗方法可以在疾病的早期阶段阻止疾病的发生,including the development of pustules.病人可能对光非常敏感,肩部无力,从腰部到肩胛骨中部呈之字形出现射痛。


It is recommended to administer it at any potency.我建议连续使用5天,取决于效力,and then re-evaluate.Variolinum可用于轻度和简单性水痘患者。同样,当脓包被红色的光环包围时,通常会很痒。Every other day for up to 10 consecutive days and then reevaluate the patient.

Thuja 200 CH


哇。多精致啊,古雅的,胡言乱语。这是一个有趣的练习,读者可能会喜欢:看看你所读到的和康涅狄格州公共卫生部的其他努力之间有什么矛盾。金博宝188betHint: start在这里.然后看一些练习动作,such as those for homeopathy,naturopathy,还有脊椎按摩。一只手知道另一只手在做什么吗?



如果你去网站国家补充和替代医学中心(NCCAM)你会发现它的一个自我识别的角色是“提供关于CAM的信息”。自豪地宣称网站满足了这个期望。As many readers will recall,three of your bloggers去年4月访问了NCCAM,after having received an invitation from Dr.Briggs.我们对网站的看法与她不同:我们的建议之一是NCCAM可以更好地为美国公民提供关于“CAM”的有用和准确的信息。

我们引用,在几个例子中,该网站对儿童免疫的广泛误传的危险问题反应甚微。As Dr.Novella subsequently reported,看来我们在那场比赛中得了一分:

…Dr.Briggs did agree that anti-vaccine sentiments are common in the world of CAM and that the NCCAM can do more to combat this.反疫苗宣传的信息将是NCCAM网站的一个受欢迎的补充。

预期SBM疫苗宣传周,I decided to find out whether such a welcome addition has come to fruition.简短的回答:不。阅读更多


致博士的信Josephine Briggs About Her Support Of Naturopathy




如你所知,我们见过两次。第一次是在耶鲁“综合医学”三月份的研讨会。第二次是在四月,当DRS。Novella,Gorski and I遇见你在贝塞斯达的NCCAM那里呆了一个小时。在我得出结论说你喜欢科学医学的时候,虽然你的处境很尴尬必须显得“思想开放”about nonsense.

More about that below,但首先,我要说明这封信的主要原因:很令人不安的是,你很快就会出现在25th Anniversary Convention美国自然疗法医师协会(AANP)。这是令人不安的两个原因。第一,这表明你对你将要处理的团队的原则和方法知之甚少。第二,your presence will be interpreted as an endorsement of those methods and of that group—whether or not that is your intention.阅读更多



For a number of reasons,争论很多次here on SBM,it would be beneficial to American citizens if the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) were abolished.This does not seem to be in the cards anytime soon.

Here,then,我的建议是让这个中心比以前更不危险,更不像以前那样成为一个假药营销工具吗?since its inception.一些建议甚至可能会使中心有些用处。They are listed in order of priority.阅读更多


Larry DosseyPremonition-Based Medicine,And The Bizarre Underbelly Of CAM


上周我计划写一篇关于近期评论通过杜希.他把它贴在Val Jones的更好的健康金博宝188betwebsite in response to Dr.Val's essay,"The Decade's Top 5 Threats To Science In Medicine," originally posted在这里在SBM上。Much of what Dr.瓦尔已经确定了最近几次打架的首要威胁,by government,金博宝188bet医学院,和媒体,with the collection of implausible and mostly nonsensical 金博宝188bethealth claims that advocates have dubbed "CAM." As uncontroversial as Dr.瓦尔的断言应该类似于暗示闭上眼睛和“使用武力”会对安全驾驶构成威胁(即使有些人可能会对顶部医学对科学的威胁)多西因分心而反对:阅读更多


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